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In mid-2013 Arnotts Vegetable Farms was approached by Elizabeth Miller, State Member for Bentleigh, to supply primary schools in the Bentleigh electorate with Dutch carrot seed as part of the “Marriot Cup”, a “healthy eating vegetable growing competition” between primary schools in the Bentleigh Electorate.
Arnotts Vegetable Farms were very happy to donate the carrot seed and also provide carrot growing tips.
Sally Buck, our Human Resources Manager who also has a background in Home Economics toured the participating schools with Elizabeth Miller and two other judges. Judging was based on the size, colour and shape of their carrots at harvest, and also their presentations which involved recipes and projects on the health benefits of eating carrots.
We tasted carrot pancakes, muffins, cakes, and a carrot salad as well as each colour variety as juice. It was great to see the enthusiasm and enormous effort that the teaching staff and students had put into the project. All schools had dedicated areas for their carrot growing and had thought carefully about position, soil and the necessary watering needed to bring along their crop.
The competition is named the Marriott Cup in recognition of the Marriott family, who were successful market gardeners in the area from 1878.
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